INE SpA began operation with the manufacturing of electrodes in a region that has become the welding and steel district in north-eastern Italy. Its range of products has gradually increased, first with wires, then welding machines, and now includes accessories. Founded in 1950, it still counts on the active involvement of its founder family, who conveys the importance of attention to detail and customer care at all levels.

“We are proud of our history. For us this does not mean being set in the past, but valuing experiences to look to the future with strength and optimism.”

With 150 employees and two production sites, both of which are in Italy, INE SpA offers a wide and deep range of products supplying both filler material and machines. This is an unusual structure for companies of this size within the welding industry, where such an offering can only be sustained by multinationals. Our salesmen are also technicians and “consultants” able to advise and clarify the offering starting from customers’ specific requests.

“Ours is an unusual approach that allows us to get closer to our customers by providing a complete and extensive solution, without losing that personal interaction. Thanks to our lean and flexible structure, we position ourselves as ‘solution providers’.”


Our two “Research and Development” departments, focussing on welding machines and filler materials respectively, allow us to continuously examine new ways to respond to market demands. The departments share information openly because our strength lies precisely in the complementarity of our solutions. The result recognised by the market is quality that remains consistent over time. Our products are designed, created, and manufactured at the same location, with the design, production, marketing, and sales teams working closely together. The “Quality Control” team tests our products in real time using high-precision machinery, significantly reducing lead times between design and production for sale. The same level of commitment is applied to choosing our raw materials. We rely on select and trusted suppliers who become our partners in the development and production process. Our evaluation procedure is thorough and meticulous, ensuring reliability and consistency over time.


"Working at INE makes us feel part of a team where everyone’s contribution is essential to ensuring we provide customer satisfaction, which is always our ultimate goal.”

Technical and organisational effectiveness training courses are held for employees at all levels, allowing them to feel valued and confident in their knowledge and skills in providing immediate and consistent answers to customer queries.


We are the benchmark in a constantly evolving industry across the globe.


INE S.p.A. has been promoting itself by expressing commitment and social responsibility in the conduct of its business for more than 70 years. It is a Company’s belief that ethics in the conduct of business is a prerequisite and essential condition for success, a means for promoting its image and represents a key asset.

Respect for people, environment and equal opportunities have always been an integral and substantial part of the core values the Company believes in and they are inspired by the daily professional activities. In order to create a corporate governance inspired by these values, the Company decided to adopt and formalize a Code of Ethics which, in line with the principles of fairness, loyalty and honesty already shared by the Company, is meant to regulate through rules of conduct the activities of the Company.

The Code of Ethics can be viewed in the PDF file below.

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