Creep resistant 5Cr-0.5Mo solid wire

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Creep resistant 5Cr-0.5Mo solid wire


Low alloy copper-coated solid wire with 5% Cr and 0.5% Mo content to be used for the welding of creep resistant steel. It will find applications in chemical or petro-chemical industry and in the ammonia synthesis process. It is also used for heat exchangers, boilers, piping and pressure vessels for temperature service up to 600°C. The weld metal has also been used for subsequent nitriding in the petro-chemical industries; for example in the repair of some steels used for moulds for injection-moulding of plastics. To be used under the shield of Ar+O2.

AWS A 5.28: ER80S-B6
EN ISO 21952-A: G CrMo5Si
K 300 M (Wire basket Precision Layer Wound) 15 Kg
The K300 wire basket is to be used together with our adapter COD. PFCS 0400050
D 300 PLW (Plastic Spool Precision Layer Wound) 15 Kg
D 200 PLW (Plastic spool Precision Layer Wound) 5 Kg
K 300 RANDOM (K300 Wire Basket RANDOM) 17 Kg

The K300 wire basket is to be used together with our adapter COD. PFCS 0400050

Octapac 250 (Ecological Pay-Off Pack 250 Kg) 250 Kg

Octapak is the new ecological pay-off pack from INE spa, and has been developed to meet the increasing demands of environmental regulations. The system is designed around an all fiber drum without the need for a plastic cone. The liner from the wire feeder can be connected directly to the top of the drum, which means reduced set up costs for the end user. When the drum is empty, it simply folds fiat for quick and easy disposal. Add to this the fact that there are no metal parts to remove, and you have a very efficient, cost effective bulk pack system. OCTAPAK offers the following features and benefits: - costs for the disposal of packaging are greatly reduced because there are no metal parts to separate before discarding; - when the drum is finished, it folds completely flat in a few seconds, quickly and easily; - set up costs are also minimized as there is no need for a costly plastic cone. The cone has been replaced with a reinforced cardboard lid; - the usual plastic tension ring has been replaced with a disposable type; - where access is a problem for overhead cranes or forklift trucks, you can use the optional "Octapak trolley" and position the drum exactly where needed; - when Octapak is used in conjunction with a robot, two optional plates can be fitted to the lid to give extra reinforcement where the liner connects.

Plastic Spool Random Wound 17 Kg
Pay-Off Pack 250 Kg 250 Kg
Pay-Off Pack 350 Kg 350 Kg
A 387 Gr 5
A 335 Gr P5
A 234 Gr WP5
A 199 Gr T5
A 213 Gr T5
A 182 Gr F5
A 336 Gr F5
A 217 Gr C5
(DIN 12CrMo 19-5)
(DIN X7CrMo 6-1)
(DIN X11CrMo6-1)
(BS 1503 Gr 625)
(BS 1501 Gr 625)
(BS 1504 Gr 625)
(BS 3100 Gr B5)
(BS 3604 Gr HFS 625, CFS 625)
C 0.07
Mn 0.50
Si 0.40
Cr 5.80
Mo 0.55
S 0.008
P 0.008
Cu 0.12
0.8 mm
1.0 mm
1.2 mm
1.6 mm
Impact test Kv (+20°C) 70(T) J
Yield strength 500(T) MPa
Tensile strength 620(T) MPa
Elongation 22(T) %
All positions
INETIG B6 Creep resistant 5Cr-0.5Mo TIG wire
INESUB EB6 Creep resistant 5Cr-0.5Mo submerged arc wire
INE B6 Creep resistant 5Cr-0.5Mo basic electrode
INETUB R81T1-B6 Creep resistant 5Cr-0.5Mo rutile cored wire

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