Semi-basic electrode for austenite-ferrite steels

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Semi-basic electrode for austenite-ferrite steels

INOX 312 R

Semi–basic coated electrode designed for welding and hardfacing ferrite – austenite steels and for hardly weldable steels including those with 13% manganese content. Intended for a service temperature up to 1000°C; applications include tool steels, shafts, buffer layers and steels with similar chemical composition. Suitable for joining of dissimilar materials, heat treatable or quenched and tempered steels, high carbon steels, etc. The weld metal improves weatherproof conditions and friction. Its very good mechanical properties and crack resistance make this electrode suitable for all applications. Suitable for all positions, very good looking weld bead and easily removable slag.

(AWS A 5.4: E312-16)
EN ISO 3581-A: E 29 9 R
Plastic tube diam. 2.0 145 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 2.5 100 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 3.25 65 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 4.0 45 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 5.0 30 Pz/Pcs
Dissimilar steels
Tempered steels
Steels with high C
C 0.10
Mn 1.20
Si 0.80
Cr 30.00
Ni 10.00
Mo 0.10
S 0.015
P 0.015
Cu 0.05
2.0 X 300 mm
2.5 X 300 mm
3.25 X 350 mm
4.0 X 350 mm
Yield strength 610 MPa
Tensile strength 750 MPa
Elongation 23 %
Impact test Kv (+20°C) 35 J
All positions
INEFIL INOX 312 Solid wire for austenite-ferrite steels

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