Semi-basic electrode for dissimilar steels

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Semi-basic electrode for dissimilar steels


Semi–basic coated electrode designed for welding dissimilar steels and those with 13% manganese content. Suitable for heterogeneous cold welding, without preheat, of carbon, stainless, wear-resistant and armor steels. It is also used as a cushion layer and cladding intermediary layers. Resistance to hot cracking is provided by the high manganese content. In some cases this wire may offer an alternative to high nickel weld metal in joints between cast iron and stainless steels. Used as a wear-resistant material of rails which work hardens from 200 to 400 HV. Suitable for all positions, very good looking weld bead and easily removable slag.

AWS A 5.4: E307-16
EN 1600: E 18 9 Mn Mo R 32
Plastic tube diam. 2.0 145 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 2.5 100 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 3.25 65 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 4.0 45 Pz/Pcs
Plastic tube diam. 5.0 30 Pz/Pcs
14% Mn steels
13-17% Cr steels
C 0.10
Mn 7.00
Si 0.80
Cr 20.00
Ni 10.00
S 0.015
P 0.015
2.5 X 300 mm
3.25 X 350 mm
4.0 X 350 mm
5.0 X 350 mm
Yield strength 450 MPa
Tensile strength 620 MPa
Elongation 35 %
Impact test Kv (+20°C) 80 J
All positions
INEFIL INOX 307 SI Solid stainless steel wire for dissimilar steels
INETIG INOX 307 SI Stainless TIG wire for dissimilar steels

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