Pure Ni electrode for cast iron

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Pure Ni electrode for cast iron


Graphite-coated electrode with pure nickel core designed for cold welding of cast iron, grey iron (malleable), cast iron & steel coupling. Intended for all positions; suitable for machining; thanks to resistance to hardening of weld metal it could be used for buttering prior to filing with Ni – Fe electrode. It finds application in engineering, engines employ, industrial machinery and construction. The use of the thinnest electrode with low values of current and cleaning of base material are recommended. The weld bead ought to be hammered soon after welding to reduce internal strains, the source of possible cracks.

AWS A 5.15: ENi-CI
Packet diam. 2.5 100 Pz/Pcs
Packet diam. 3.25 65 Pz/Pcs
A 48
A 159
A 319
A 126
(DIN 1691 GG10, GG15, GG20, GG25, GG30, GG35)
(DIN 1693 G GG-40, G GG-50, G GG60)
(DIN 1692 GTS-35-10, GTS-45-06, GTS-55-4)
C 0.50
Mn 0.70
Si 0.50
Ni 96.00
S 0.015
Cu 0.60
Fe 2.00
2.5 X 300 mm
3.25 X 350 mm
All positions

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