TIG wire for high strength steels

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TIG wire for high strength steels

JC-100™ GTAW (copper free)

A COPPER FREE low-alloy tig rod with Ni-Mo additions designed for welding high yield strength steels and with tensile strength higher than 700 MPa. Good impact strength at low temperatures. Suitable for the metal working industry, offshore fabrication, chemical and petrochemical industry. It also has applications in fabrications of HSLA (highstrength low-alloy) steels, which may be used for industrial machinery construction, cranes and other highly stressed structural components.

AWS A 5.28: ER100S-G
Box 5 Kg 5 Kg
Box 25 Kg 25 Kg
A 514
A 517
10208-2 L480, L550
(BS 4360 Gr 55F)
10137-2 S460, S500, S550
Navy Q1
RQT 601
Weldox 700
C 0.13
Mn 1.50
Si 0.60
Cr 0.30
Ni 0.95
Mo 0.45
S 0.010
P 0.010
Cu 0.05
1.2 mm
1.6 mm
2.0 mm
2.4 mm
3.2 mm
4.0 mm
Tensile strength 750 MPa
Yield strength 630 MPa
Elongation 21 %
Impact test Kv (-40°C) 80 J
All positions
INE JC-100™ SAW (copper free) Low alloy SAW for high strength steels
INE JC-100™ GMAW (copper free) Solid wire for high strength steels

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