Hardfacing metal cored wire

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Hardfacing metal cored wire


Metal-cored wire mostly used with semiautomatic and automatic procedures, for hard-facing wheels, rolling mill rollers tracks, sliding rollers, screws, mil crushing jaws and mill wheels, where excellent resistance to abrasion is required especially when accompanied by shocks, and blows, and for hard-facing wearing components such as excavation buckets and teeth and surfaces subject to abrasion and heavy loads. Excellent wetting of the weld metal, very good weld quality, good-looking weld bead and rather limited spattering. To be used under the shield of Ar+CO2.

EN 14700: T Fe2
K 300 M (Wire basket Precision Layer Wound) 15 Kg
The K300 wire basket is to be used together with our adapter COD. PFCS 0400050
D 300 PLW (Plastic Spool Precision Layer Wound) 15 Kg
D 200 PLW (Plastic spool Precision Layer Wound) 5 Kg
(BS 4360)
(BS 3100)
(BS 1504)
(BS 11)
C 0.40
Mn 1.20
Si 0.40
Cr 4.50
Mo 0.60
S 0.012
P 0.012
1.0 mm
1.2 mm
1.4 mm
1.6 mm
Flat and flat-frontal
INEFIL 350 Hardfacing MIG wire

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