Basic-coated stick electrode for welding 9.0% Cr.1.0% Mo creep reistant steels

Basic coated low hydrogen stick electrode for welding of 9% Cr -1.0% Mo creep resistant creep like ASTM A385 Gr 9A or DIN X12CrMo9-1. Corrosion resistant storage and cold cracking. Good mechanical characteristics. X and J factors checked. E 8018-B8 H4: E CrMo9.
  • AWS A 5.5: E8018-B8 H4
  • EN ISO 3580-A: E CrMo9

Basic coated low-hydrogen stick electrode for welding of 9%Cr - 1%Mo creep resistant steels. Specifically designed for welding X12CrMo9-1 (P9) steels. Main features: excellent mechanical properties at high temperature, high cold-cracking resistance and high corrosion resistance (above 5 Cr 0.5 Mo steels requirements). Particularly suited for welding pressure vessels in the petrochemical industry with operating temperature up to 600°C.* (X and J Factor checked "on request")

C 0.07
Si 0.30
Mn 0.70
Cr 9.00
Mo 1.00
Yield strength 600 (T) MPa
Tensile strength 710 (T) MPa
Elongation 22 (T) %
Impact test Kv (R.T.) 60 J (T)
Diameter (mm) Length Ampere
2.5 350 60-110
3.2 350 90-140
4.0 350 130-190
5.0 450 180-230
  • tutte tranne vertical down


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