INEFIL 80 Ni 3

Mig Mag wire for welding 3%Ni steels for low temperature

AWS A 5.28: ER80S-Ni3 EN ISO 14341-B: G 57P 7 M22 SN71 Solid wire for GMAW welding of fine-grained 3-3.5% Ni. The presence of Ni. Improves the characteristics of toughness at -80 ° C. used on offshore, LNG transport and storage. Ar / C02 protection
  • AWS A 5.28: ER80S-Ni3
  • EN ISO 14341-B: G 57P 7 M22 SN71
  • Copper coated

Low alloy copper-coated solid wire designed for welding low alloy steels with 3,5% Ni content, fine grained for low temperature applications. It is used in petrochemical industry where it finds applications in construction of cryogenic plant and associated pipework, in the manufacture, storage and distribution of volatile liquids and liquefied gases, when operating at temperatures to -80°C. To be used under the shield of Ar+O2.

C 0.10
Si 0.60
Mn 1.00
Ni 3.50
M22 M22 M22
Yield strength 550 (T) MPa 550 (T) MPa 550 (T) MPa
Tensile strength 630 (T) MPa 630 (T) MPa 630 (T) MPa
Elongation 25 (T) % 25 (T) % 25 (T) %
Impact test Kv (-50°C) 60 J (T)
Impact test Kv (-60°C) 50 J (T)
Impact test Kv (-75°C) 35 J (T)
Diameter (mm) Volts Ampere
0.8 16-28 60-200
1.0 17-32 80-260
1.2 18-34 100-360
1.6 19-38 130-450
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