Solid wire for welding 2.25% Cr. 1.0% Mo. steels

Solid wire AWS A 5.28: ER90S-B3 EN ISO 21952-B: G 62 M22 2C1ML Low-alloy 2.25% Cr and 1.0% Mo used for heat-resistant steels in chemical industry operating at 600 ° C. deposit very resistant to the phenomenon of solidification cracks, X and J Factor controlled
  • AWS A 5.28: ER80S-B3L
  • EN ISO 21952-B: G 55 M22 2C1ML
  • Copper coated
Low alloy copper-coated solid wire with 2.25% Cr and 1% Mo content, with low carbon concentration (less than 0.05%), to be used for the welding of creep resistant steel. Chemical composition of wire conforming to AWS specification. It is used in chemical industry and in the ammonia synthesis process, for heat exchangers, boilers, piping and pressure vessels for temperature service up to about 600°C. It will also find applications in the petro-chemical industries, suitable for facing on casting and for casting repairs. To be used under the shield of Ar+O2.
C 0.03
Si 0.60
Mn 0.60
Cr 2.50
Mo 1.00
Yield strength 490 (T) MPa
Tensile strength 580 (T) MPa
Elongation 22 (T) %
Impact test Kv (R.T.) 170 J (T)
Diameter (mm) Volts Ampere
0.8 16-28 60-200
1.0 17-32 80-260
1.2 18-34 100-360
1.6 19-38 130-450
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