INETIG 19.12

TIG Rods for welding of mild and low alloy steels

Rod type ER70S-6 for TIG welding of C.Mn. Suitable for first pass welding and filling on general carpentry and piping. To be used under Ar gas protection. also available in reels for automatic Tig.
  • AWS A 5.18: ER70S-6
  • EN ISO 636-A: W 46 5 4Si1

TIG rods with low silicate, arch stability, productivity cost saving, weld deposit free of inclusion. robot, Drums, heavy duty cycle, bronzed, copper free, precision layers, Environmental, A106 Gr A, B, C. Argon, Extra clean version for TIG automations.

C 0.08
Si 0.90
Mn 1.70
Yield strength 530 MPa
Tensile strength 620 MPa
Elongation 26 %
Impact test Kv (-20°C) 140 J
Impact test Kv (-30°C) 110 J
Impact test Kv (-40°C) 80 J
Impact test Kv (-50°C) 60 J
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