INETIG AL4%MG - 5183

TIG rod for welding aluminum 4% magnesium alloy 5183

TIG rod for welding allumino magnesium. The welding deposit has excellent corrosion resistance. To be used under Argon gas protection
  • AWS A 5.10: ER5183
  • EN ISO 18273: S AlMg4,5Mn0,7(A)
  • EN ISO 18273: S Al 5183
  • Marchio CE
TIG rod designed for welding aluminum alloys with an average magnesium content of 4.5%. It finds application in offshore fields, shipbuilding, cryogenic equipment, railway construction and automotive industry. Suitable in case where are required high values of tensile and resistance to corrosion from seawater. To be used under the shield of Argon.
Mn 0.60
Mg 5.00
Fe 0.13
Cr 0.08
Al Bal.
Yield strength 130 MPa
Tensile strength 300 MPa
Elongation 25 %
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