Metal-cored wire for hardfacing

Metal-cored wire mostly for hard-facing wheels, rolling mill rollers tracks, sliding rollers, screws, mil crushing jaws and mill wheels. To be used under the shield of Ar+CO2. EN 14700: T Fe8 DIN 8555: MF 6-GF-60
  • EN 14700: T Fe8

Surfacing metal-cored wire for wear resistant applications. The presence of hard Cr-rich carbides in the martensitic matrix results in as-welded hardness of 60 HRC, which is retained even at high temperature (up to about 600°C). Excellent bead appearance and spatter-free weld makes it suitable for semi-automatic and automatic welding. Applications include bucket teeth, gravel pumps, conveyor chains, sliding metal parts, gear teeth crusher hammers, rock drills and everywhere high wear and moderate impact resistances are required. 

C 0.55
Si 0.60
Mn 1.40
Cr 5.60
Mo 0.80
Hardness HRC 56
Diameter (mm) Volts Ampere
1.0 18-27 110-230
1.2 19-30 120-270
1.4 20-32 130-300
1.6 22-34 140-330
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