Stainless steel slimdisc

Thin abrasive disc, ideal for cutting stainless, alloy and treated steels
Cuttin speed
Slimdisks are thin cutting discs, with a maximum thickness of 2.0mm, ideal for the processing of thin or medium-thickness materials. They are used on portable machines for cutting steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials. These discs are characterised by greater performance and efficiency. Cutting is easier and faster, thanks to less friction between the disc and the piece being processed. In addition, almost no burrs result, thereby reducing time spent on finishing. The lifespan of these discs is also longer, due to less abrasive material being used/worn away during processing. TIME SAVING  faster cutting COST SAVING  burrs are reduced, cutting down on time required for finishing
Max speed of use 80 m/s
Hole 22,23 mm
Diameter Thickness Max RPM Item code EAN Qty per package
115 1 13300 PFMO2AI4R251022 8024499600659 100
115 1.6 13300 PFMO2AI4R251622 8024499600666 100
125 1 12200 PFMO2AI4R301022 8024499600673 100
125 1.6 12200 PFMO2AI4R301622 8024499600680 100
150 1.6 10200 PFMO2AI4R351622 8024499601137 50
230 2 6600 PFMO2AI4R502022 8024499600703 50
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