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INSIDE is the new range of welding helmet especially designed for welders who operate in narrow and constricted spaces: no external knobs for greater comfort while working.

Thanks to its high-level technical characteristics, INSIDE is good for any welding condition:

- Optical rating 1/1/1/1

- "high-definition" filter

- Viewing area: 100x65 mm

- Possibility to adjust the shade, sensitivity and delay by large internal knobs

- 4 sensors

- Light state DIN 3

- Shade range 4-8/9-13

- 1 battery (replaceable)

- a very good headgear

These features make the INSIDE range suitable for any welding process (MMA, MIG/MAG, TIG from 2A) and plasma  cutting. They are also safe for grinding operations, thanks to the special certification that ensures protection against high-speed particles (EN 175-B).

All of our INSIDE welding helmets are CE marked according to European Directive 89/686.

Auto-darkening welding helmet


Auto-darkening welding helmet


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