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Auto-darkening welding helmet


The PANORAMIC range of helmets satisfies the requirements of the most demanding welders, guaranteeing high levels of performance.

Wide viewing area (100x93 mm), automatic filter with 4 sensors,

electronic darkness level settings, ergonomic and lightweight.

Large viewing area
4 sensors
1/1/1/2 optical clarity rating

It is suitable for all welding process and plasma cutting.



● Extra large viewing area: 100x93 mm

● Optical clarity rating 1/1/1/2

● Fast switching time: 0.2 ms

● Shade control: 5-9 / 9-13

● Sensitivity and delay control

● Suitable for all welding processes and Plasma cutting

● TIG > 2A

● Grind: protection against high-speed particles


MMA welding
MIG/MAG welding
TIG welding
Plasma cutting
Box 25x30x23.5

Colorbox 30x23x25 cm.

1 helmet, 2 front protection plates, 1 rear protection plate, 1 sweatband, user manual

Master Carton

The carton includes 6 welding helmets


The pallet includes 36 welding helmets, in 6 master cartons. Dimension: 120x80xh110 cm

Optical clarity rating 1/1/1/2
Sensors 4
Viewing area 100x93 mm
Cartridge Size 113x114x9 mm
TIG amps rated > 2 amps
Switch time (light to dark) 0.2 ms
1/5.000 sec
UV/IR Protection 16
Light State 4 DIN
Lens Shade (DIN) 5-9/9-13 DIN
Weight 495 gr
Operating Temperature -5 - +55 °C
23 - 131 °F
Storing Temperature -20 - +70 °C
-4 - +158 °F
4 sensors
Optical clarity rating 1/1/1/2
Shade control: 5-9 / 9-13
Fast switching time
Sensitivity and delay control
Suitable for all welding process and Plasma cuttin
TIG > 2 A
Suitable for grinding
MPSH0101 Front protection plate for welding helmet
MPSH0105 Sweatband for Panoramic and Dynamic lines
MPSH0102 4 Front + 1 rear protection plates for PANORAMIC welding helmet
MPSH0106 4 inside + 1 frontal protection plates for PANORAMIC welding helmet
MPSH0103 Panoramic Filter
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