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SKYLINE 33 plasma cutter


SKYLINE 33 is an innovative current generator for the plasma cutting of metals, designed for even the most discerning professional, while being extremely simple to use for the less experienced operator to guarantee results that are always perfect. The innovative technology that has been adopted, the scrupulous construction care and the use of cutting edge materials and components have helped reduce the weight, the volume and the energy intake, increasing its reliability, performance and the cutting features. The generator gives excellent quality cuts without burring on the reverse for both fine and medium thick sheets in soft steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys. The pilot arc is initiated by starting LIFT (without the use of high frequency); this allows excellent outward absence of electromagnetic interference. An automatic restart device allows the continuous cutting of punched plates and grids. The protection systems on the generator make it extremely safe to use and protect its integrity in case of overheating, overtension and overloads. In the event of overtension the generator automatically disconnects from the mains and turns itself off and the problem will be signalled the next time it is turned back on. Furthermore, with the innovative intake power control function it is ideal for using with any sort of generating sets (minimum 3kVA) exploiting all its available energy.

Taglio al plasma
Main voltage 1x230 V
50-60 Hz
Delayed line fuse 16 A
230 V
Current range 10-33 A
Max absorbed power 3.8 kW
Duty cycle at 30% 33 A
Duty cycle at 60% 25 A
Duty cycle at 100% 20 A
No-load voltage 253 V
Max thickness on mild steel 15 mm
Max thickness on stainless steel 10 mm
Protection class IP23S
Weight 6.0 Kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 111x270x246 mm
Structural work

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