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THT152 Power Source

THT 152

The THT102 and THT 152 are thyristor-controlled welding machines designed for use in submerged arc welding with single-wire or twin-wire systems. Welding voltage can be adjusted either on the front panel of the machine or on the welding bead wire feeder. Welding current (Amps) can be adjusted on the wire feeder. The power source is characterized by a double-bridge rectifier which assures a very smooth arc and a perfect weld head at any current values. It can work either at constant voltage (flat characteristic)if used in submerged arc welding, or at contant current (sloping characteristic) if used for arc-air gouging.

Arco sommerso
Three-phase Traditional Electronic
Input (3Ph 50-60Hz) 400 V~
Delayed line fuse 125 A
Current range 100-1500 A
Max absorbed power (kVA) 89 kVA
Duty cycle at 100% 1500 A
No-load voltage (submerged arc) 20÷46 V
No-load voltage (arc-air) 95 V
Protection class IP23S
Weight 550 Kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 590x1100x1200 mm

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