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SK 245 Power source

SK 245

The SK245 (single-phase) and the SK 250 (three phase) are professional electromechanical generators for seam welding (MIG/MAG), with separate electronically controlled wire feeder. These are extremely strong, reliable and easy to use welders, ideal for all medium and light metal work. They are particularly suitable for car bodywork repairs and in all applications requiring excellent short arc transfer with easy striking and without explosion. All the magnetic coils are made from top quality copper and forced ventilation cooled. A temperature probe protects the internal components. The progressive 14 position switching gives a wide range of settings for the welding parameters. The two-roller wire feeder TK2 gives smooth and constant rod flow, thanks to the control board and the 50W motor installed. On request it may be fitted with digital volt/ammeter. The connection extension between the machine and wire feeder is available in standard length of 4 m.

Single-phase Electromechanical
Input (1Ph 50-60Hz) 230 V~
Delayed line fuse 50 A
Max absorbed power (kVA) 11,1 kVA
Current range 20-245 A
Regulation steps 2x7
Duty cycle at 35% 245 A
Duty cycle at 60% 195 A
Duty cycle at 100% 155 A
No-load voltage 20-41 V
Protection class IP21S
Weight 87 Kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 430x860x760 mm
Structural work
Medium carpentry

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