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HFP 460 Power Source

HFP 460

HFP460 is the newest power source for DC TIG welding with HF or LIFT ARC start, and MMA welding of steel. The inverter technology and the special design features have contributed to the reduction in weight and size, as well as in absorbed power, without penalizing their reliability and performance. The welding process, controlled by the microprocessor thousands of times per second, ensures optimal stability, exceptional dynamics (even at low amperage) and perfect arc start. The user-friendly and intuitive control board allows to quickly set the welding parameters and displays their exact instant measurement, thus ensuring process quality and reproducibility. TIG welding operation allows adjustment of slope-up, slope-down, pre-gas and post-gas between 0 and 10 seconds. The PULSED TIG option, offering adjustable pulse frequency between 1 and 250 Hz, as well as adjustable base and peak current, allows welding on very thin plates as the limited heat produced reduces the risk of deformation of the welded metal. MMA welding operation allows adjustment of both Hot Start, to facilitate arc start when welding with coated electrodes, and Arc Force, to prevent these from sticking when welding. The power sources are equipped with appropriate safety devices to ensure their performance. A temperature sensor and the mains voltage control (fluctuations between -20% and +15% of the nominal value) protect the internal components. Versions available are the air-cooled, the air-cooling-on-trolley and the water-cooled version (with built-in torch cooling unit). Both remote control CD1 (hand-operated) and remote control CD2 (foot-operated) are available for ease of use.

Input (3Ph 50-60Hz) 400 V~
Delayed line fuse 32 A
Max absorbed power 21,5 kW
Current range 6-460 A
Duty cycle at 40% 460 A
Duty cycle at 60% 410 A
Duty cycle at 100% 350 A
No-load voltage 80 V
Protection class IP22S
Weight 37,5 Kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 270x590x375 mm
Structural work
Heavy carpentry
Medium carpentry

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