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SC 800 Power Source

SC 800

The SC 350-500-800 are electronic direct current generators, with three-phase 50/60 Hz power transformer and SCR semi-controlled rectifier arc. They may be used for welding with coated electrode (MMA) for acid, basic, stainless steel, aluminium and cellulose applications. They may also be used in TIG welding with scratch-start. They are ideal for use in medium and heavy metal work, depending on the model, and are particularly suitable for use in shipyards. All the magnetic coils are made from top quality copper. The voltage change terminal block inside the machine permits changing the supply voltage. Through the electronic control board, the current is constantly regulated by the potentiometer on the front of the machine or the optional remote control. The distributed current remains stable on the set value even in the event of variations in the supply voltage, and can be changed even with welding in progress. For MMA welding the Hot Start function may be installed to improve striking the coated electrodes. On request they may be fitted with digital volt/ammeter.

TIG DC (scratch-start)
Three-phase Traditional Electronic
Input (3Ph 50-60Hz) 230-400 V~
Delayed line fuse 160-230/100-400 A
Max absorbed power (kVA) 50 kVA
Current range 80-800 A
Duty cycle at 60% (MMA) 800 A
Duty cycle at 100% 620 A
No-load voltage 80 V
Protection class IP21S
Dimension (WxDxH) 600x900x850 mm
Weight 335 Kg

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