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SKYLINE 90 Plasma cutting


PL92 is an innovative current generator for the plasma cutting of metals, designed for even the most discerning professional, while being extremely simple to use for the less experienced operator to guarantee results that are always perfect. It is designed for use in ligth-to-heavy structural steel works. These power sources have been designed and implemented on the base of the most updated and innovative technologies conceived for inverters and microprocessors in power electronics and signal processing. Thus a system has been achieved that, in addition to the traditional dependability of INE products, is featuring high dynamics of the necessary control for obtaining very good quality cutting. The generator gives excellent quality cuts without burring on the reverse for both fine and medium thick sheets in soft steel, stainless steel, aluminium and aluminium alloys. Cutting parameters are set by means of the fully digital control board, which assures process quality and reproducibility. The pilot arc is initiated by starting LIFT (without the use of high frequency); this allows excellent outward absence of electromagnetic interference. An automatic restart device allows the continuous cutting of punched plates and grids. The protection systems on the generator make it extremely safe to use and protect its integrity in case of overheating and overloads. Furthermore, with the innovative intake power control function it is ideal for using with any any sort of power of mains exploiting all its available energy. PR7 power source trolley is available for greater ease of use and movement.


Taglio al plasma
Main voltage 3x400 V
50-60 Hz
Delayed line fuse 12 A
400 V
Max absorbed power 11.6 kW
Power factor (PF) 0.94
Current range 25-90 A
Duty cycle at 40% 90 A
Duty cycle at 60% 80 A
Duty cycle at 100% 70 A
No-load voltage 275 V
Max thickness on mild steel 30 - 42 (severance) mm
Max thickness on stainless steel 23 - 30 (severance) mm
Protection class IP22S
Weight 27.5 Kg
Dimension (WxDxH) 230x512x343 mm
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Structural work
Heavy carpentry
Food industry
Maintenance extr.
Factory automation
Medium carpentry

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