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DC TIG Power Source


The new inverter generators in the SKYLINE HFP series are expressly designed for DC TIG welding of steel. The arc striking is triggered by HF or LIFT ARC. They are also suitable for MMA welding of acid, rutile and basic electrodes.

Inverter technology and the particular care taken in its construction allow reduction of the weight, bulk and energy absorption without penalizing reliability, while optimizing performance. Microprocessors maintain control of the welding process at all times, guaranteeing optimum stability, exceptional dynamics (even at minimum amperages) and perfect priming of the arc.

The control panel is simple and intuitive. The touchscreen technology integrated into the large colour display allows you to set the welding parameters with a few simple touches; settings can also be adjusted with the the two knobs located on the side.

3 levels of complexity may be configured, selectable according to the operator's level of experience. Starting from the "basic" mode, with simplified regulation, we move on to the "intermediate" stage and the "advanced" stage, which allows the most experienced welders to fine-tune parameters down to the smallest detail.

Up to 99 programs can be quickly and easily stored as Jobs. For added safety, the interface can be locked with password-protected access to functions.

Numerous functions are available for TIG welding, including:

  • the ascent ramp (from 0 to 10 seconds), the descent ramp (from 0 to 10 seconds), pre-gas (from 0 to 25 seconds) and post-gas (from 0 to 25 seconds)
  • synergetic post-gas
  • the possibility of setting the initial and final current time
  • the possibility of setting the base current, current 2, initial and final current as both an absolute value and a percentage with respect to the main current
  • the TIG PULSED option, with pulse frequency adjustable from 0.1 to 5000 Hz, with basic and peak current regulation and duty cycle throughout the frequency range. This setting permits welding on extremely thin thicknesses, because the limited thermal input reduces deformation of the welded metal
  • timed welding with optimum time management (spot welding)
  • the 'TACK' function: allows you to combine the two flaps with high penetration, speed and precision.

In MMA welding, the Hot Start is adjustable for easy priming of coated electrodes and the ARC Force to prevent bonding during welding. There is also a VRD function, required for use in high-risk environments.

The generators can be combined with the CW9 cooling unit and/or a PR8, PR9 generator trolley or mounted on a KR1 wheel kit.

Remote control is possible using the CD1 manual, CD2 pedal or up-down torch controls.

The generators are also equipped with a series of devices and sensors that guarantee maximum efficiency and safety of use.

The SKYLINE HFP range is produced in full compliance with European standards, guaranteeing a technologically advanced and safe product in all its components.


Input (3Ph 50-60Hz) 400 V~
Delayed line fuse 32 A
Max absorbed power (kVA) 23 kVA
Power factor (PF) 0.93
Current range 5-500 A
Duty cycle at 45% 500 A
Duty cycle at 60% 420 A
Duty cycle at 100% 380 A
No-load voltage 70 V
Protection class IP23S
Dimension (WxDxH) 302x645x525 mm
554x1015x910 mm
Weight 42 Kg
79 kg
SKYLINE HFP 3000 DC TIG Power Source
SKYLINE HFP 4000 DC TIG Power Source
Stainless Steel
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