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AL 250 Power Source

AL 250

AL 250 inverter can be used in MMA, TIG AC and TIG DC welding with Lift-Arc or H.F. start. Its special design, totally based on electronic controls, offers the following advantages: • optimal welding even with very low amperage • arc stability in spite of mains fluctuations • optional remote control • compact design if compared to a traditional thyristor-controlled machine Furthermore, these main characteristics are supported by the traditional sturdy and reliable construction of INE welding machines. AL 250 generators are constructed according to the following provisions: • EN 60974 / IEC 974, as far as operators’ health prevention against electric shocks is concerned. • EN 50199, as far as electromagnetic compatibility is concerned (noise disturbing other electrical appliances operating in the vicinity). INE declines any liability should the welding machine be modified by the customer or third parties without any written approval by the manufacturer.

Input (3Ph 50-60Hz) 400 V~
Delayed line fuse 16 A
Max absorbed power (kVA) 9.7 kVA
Current range 5-250 A
Duty cycle at 60% 250 A
Duty cycle at 100% 195 A
No-load voltage 75 V
Protection class IP22S
Dimension (WxDxH) 27x59x38 mm
Weight 36 Kg
Maintenance extr.
Factory automation

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