TR/A Wire Feeding Trolley

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TR/A Wire Feeding Trolley


TR/A trolley is a wire feeding unit to be used in submerged arc welding only. It is specifically designed for shipyard and off-shore applications. It can be connected to HT 100/150 power sources by means of an extension cable that can extend as far as 60 m, thus ensuring utmost freedom of movement. TR/A trolley is constructed according to the following provisions: • EN 60974 / IEC 974, as far as operators’ health prevention against electric shocks is concerned. • EN 50199, as far as electromagnetic compatibility is concerned (noise disturbing other electrical appliances operating in the vicinity). INE declines any liability should the welding machine be modified by the customer or third parties without any written approval by the manufacturer. This operating manual reports the specific instructions for the use of TR/A wire feeder. For further information please refer to the operating manuals of HT 100/150 welding machines which also cover the following topics: • Prevention against electric shocks • Maintenance • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) • Submerged arc welding: procedures and technical data • Set-up

Arco sommerso
Electronic control power supply voltage 48 V~
Max tractor speed 150 cm/min
Duty cycle at 100% 1500 (max) A
Max wire speed 4,5 mt/min
Wire diameter for single-wire systems 2,4-3,2-4-5-6 mm
Wire diameter for Twin-Arc Systems 2x2,4-2x3,2 mm
Flux tank volume 12 lt
Total weight (empty) 120 Kg
Spool weight 30 Kg

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