Basic-coated stick electrode for 5% Cr - 0.5% Mo creep resistant steels

Basic-coated low-hydrogen stick electrode for welding of 5% Cr - 0.5% Mo creep resisting steel type 12 Cr Mo 19 5. The deposit is resistant to cold cracking can also be used for the repair of molds of similar composition, X and J Factor checked. A 5.5 E 8018-B6 H4.
  • AWS A 5.5: E8018-B6 H4
  • EN ISO 3580-A: E CrMo5 B 3 2 H5

Basic coated low-hydrogen electrode for welding of 5% Cr, 0.5% Mo creep resisting steel type 12 Cr Mo 19 5 in all positions. It retains excellent mechanical properties after long exposure to temperature up to 650°C. Extensively used in oil refiners, oil and gas industry, chemical industry, ammonia synthesis processes and thermal power plants for heat exchangers, boilers, pipes and pressure vessels with operating temperatures up to about 650°C. Its high cold cracking resistance makes it suitable for use in the repairing of molds of similar composition used in the transformation of plastics. *(X and J Factor checked "on request").

C 0.07
Si 0.40
Mn 0.70
Cr 4.50
Mo 0.50
Yield strength 560 (T) MPa
Tensile strength 580-700 (T) MPa
Elongation 22 (T) %
Impact test Kv (R.T.) 60 J (T)
Diameter (mm) Length Ampere
2.5 350 60-110
3.2 350 90-140
4.0 350 130-190
5.0 450 180-230
  • tutte tranne vertical down


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