Basic-coated stick electrode for welding 9.0% Cr - 1.0% Mo (Nb/V/N mod.) creep resistant steels

Basic-coated low hydrogen stick electrode for welding P91 steels. Long term creep properties thanks to Nb, V and N micro addition designed for elevated temperature service up to 650°C. Steam piping and turbine casings. X and J factor controlled. E9015-B91: E CrMo91
  • AWS A 5.5: E9018-B91 H4
  • EN ISO 3580-A: E CrMo91

Basic coated low-hydrogen electrode for welding of 9% Cr, 1% Mo martensitic creep-resistant steels. Mechanical properties after long term high temperature exposure (up to 650°C) are guaranteed thanks the micro-alloying with Nb, V and N. Specifically designed for the welding of creep resistant P91 steels in the petrochemical industry and thermal power plants for components such as heaters, main steam piping and turbine casings.

C 0.08
Si 0.20
Mn 0.70
Cr 9.00
Mo 0.95
V 0.20
N 0.05
Nb 0.05
Yield strength 610 (T) MPa
Tensile strength 620-700 (T) MPa
Elongation 22 (T) %
Impact test Kv (R.T.) 70 J (T)
Diameter (mm) Length Ampere
2.5 350 60-110
3.2 350 90-140
4.0 350 130-190
5.0 450 180-230
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