Solid Wire for SAW welding 9.0% Cr.1.0% Mo steels.P91

Solid wire for submerged arc welding with 9% Cr and 1% Mo.V.for welding of creep resistant steel. Applications in power plants, chemical or petro-chemical industry, as for heat exchangers, boilers, piping. vessels for temperature service up to 600°C. To be used with INEFLUX BHA
  • AWS A 5.23: EB91
  • EN ISO 24598-A: S CrMo91
  • Marchio CE
  • TÜV

Copper-free solid wire for submerged arc welding with 9% Cr and 1% Mo content to be used for the welding of creep resistant steel. It will find applications in petro-chemical industry for welding P91 steels. Long term creep properties get improved thanks to small additions of niobium, vanadium and nitrogen. This wire is designed for elevated temperature service up to 650°C. It is used in fossil fuelled power generating plants for components such as headers, main steam piping and turbine casings. To be used with basic fluxes, such as INEFLUX BHA.

C 0.10
Si 0.20
Mn 0.60
Cr 8.80
Mo 0.95
V 0.20
Ni 0.60
N 0.04
Nb 0.06
Diameter (mm) Volts Ampere
1.6 26-29 250-350
2.0 26-29 300-400
2.4 27-30 350-450
3.2 27-30 430-530
4.0 27-30 480-580
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