Metal-cored wire for weathering-resistant steels

Metal-cored wire designed for welding weathering-resistant steels. Deposition rate 20% higher than solid wires. To be used under Ar+CO2 shielding gas. AWS A 5.28: E80C-W2
  • AWS A 5.28: E80C-W2
  • AWS A 5.36: E80T15-M21A2-W2
  • EN ISO 17632-A: T 46 3 Z M M21 2 H5

Metal-cored wire alloyed with Ni, Cr and Cu designed for the welding of weathering resistant steels. Corrosion resistant in marine environment. Produces spray-free welds optimised for multi-pass automatic welding, with no need for inter-pass cleaning. Applications include containers, vessels, bridges and offshore platforms. To be used under Ar+CO2 gas mix.

C 0.05
Si 0.60
Mn 1.20
Cr 0.50
Ni 0.50
Cu 0.50
Shielding gas M21
Yield strength 535 MPa
Tensile strength 615 MPa
Elongation 25 %
Impact test Kv (-30°C) 50 J
Diameter (mm) Volts Ampere
1.0 15-28 90-240
1.2 16-34 110-350
1.4 17-35 130-360
1.6 19-37 140-450
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