Autodarkening welding helmet

Auto-darkening welding helmet with LCd diplay, 4 sensors, solar cells. Possibility to adjust all the parameters (sensitivity, delay and shade). Is is suitable for all welding processes, plasma cutting, grinding
EN 379
EN 175B

The WIDE VIEW line stands out for its particularly wide field of vision. The main screen with a surface of 115x85 mm and the two 80x35x68 side openings, protected by a single curved front screen, ensure 180° visibility. The side windows are auto-darkening: they pass from a light state of DIN3 to a fixed dark state of DIN10, while the main viewer features a darkening level of 4-8/8-12. The WIDE VIEW line welding helmets are equipped with a 1/1/1/1 optical class filter, the highest level on the market, and 4 sensors which render the darkening process stable and fast. The power supply is by means of interchangeable batteries, which trigger the immediate transition from the light state to the dark state, and the solar cells, which ensure the continuity of the energy intake necessary to activate the protection process against UV/IR rays, extending the life of the batteries themselves. This particular feature makes WIDE VIEW welding helmets suitable for all welding and plasma cutting processes. They are also safe for grinding operations, thanks to the special certification that ensures protection against high-speed particles (EN 175-B). All of our WIDE VIEW welding helmets are CE marked according to European Directive 89/686.

Viewing area 115x85 mm
4 sensors
Light state DIN 3
Optical clarity rating 1/1/1/1
True color
Dark shade 4-8 / 8-12
Optical clarity rating 1/1/1/1
Viewing area 115X85 mm
80x35x68 mm
Sensors 4
Lens Shade (DIN) 4-8/8-12
TinLight State (DIN) 3
UV / IR protection fino DIN 16
Switch on / off Automatic
Switch time (light to dark) 0,2 ms (1/5.000 sec)
Shade control Outside & Stepless
Light Sensitivity Control Outside, Low-High; adjust by infinitely dial knob
Delay control (dark-light color) Outside & Stepless, 0.1-1.0 sec
TIG A ?2 amps / DC; ?2 amps /AC
Grind Mode Yes, outside
Weight 610 gr
Operating Temperature ~ -5°C (23°F) - +55°C (131°F)
Storing Temperature ~ -20°C (-4°F) - +70 °C (158°F)
Power Supply Solar power & replaceable battery
2xCR2450 Lithio
1 Helmet
1 Front cover lens
1 set Inner cover lenses
1 Sweatband
User manual
Storage bag


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