Inverter multifunction power sources for MIG/MAG, TIG HF and MMA welding

Synergic DC, pulsed and double-pulsed inverter power source, with separated wire feeding unit, for use in MIG/MAG welding of steel, iron-carbon alloys and aluminium. It can also be used in MMA welding with acid, mild steel and low-hydrogen electrodes and in TIG (GTAW) welding (both Lift-arc and H.F.) of alloy steel and iron-carbon alloys. This model is mainly designed for use in maintenance and medium-to-light structural steel works.
Welding process
  • MIG/MAG - Synergic pulsed and double pulsed
  • MMA
  • Inverter
  • Three-phase
Manufacturing standard
  • EN 60974

SKYLINE KMD is the range of multifunction synergic inverter-based generators, with separate wire feed, for use in MIG/MAG continuous wire welding, short spray, pulsed and double-pulsed arc (on steel, stainless steel and aluminum), in TIG welding with HF or LIFT ARC striking and welding with coated electrodes (MMA).



The inverter technology and the special design features allow for reduced weight and size without losing reliability and performance. The welding process, regulated by the microprocessor, ensures steady welding (with an exceptional dynamic even at low amperage), is splash-free and provides perfect arc striking. Synergic control allows for automatic selection of the welding parameters, even in the harshest working conditions, guaranteeing precision and repeatability.


Energy saving

These generators have been designed for high performance, offering significant advantages in terms of efficiency and reliability. The efficiency of the processes saves production time; controlled ventilation and cooling allows for further reduction in energy costs.


Digital control board

The control panel allows you to adjust the settings in an easy and intuitive way, both in touchscreen mode or using the knobs.You can configure 3 levels of complexity depending on the operator’s experience level. You can save up to 99 programs as Jobs. For added safety, the interface can be locked with password-protected access to functions. Thanks to the SYNERGY function, in MIG/MAG welding setting parameters is simple by selecting the type and diameter of the wire, as well as the gas required. All parameters can also be adjusted manually according to the varied needs of the user.


Welding processes

In TIG welding the slope-up, slope-down, pre-gas and post-gas of between 0 to 10 seconds can be adjusted. The PULSED TIG option, with adjustable impulse frequency of between 0.1 to 5000 Hz, as well as adjustable base and peak current, allows for welding on extremely thin sheets since the limited heat produced reduces the risk of deforming the welded metal. “Timed welding” ensures fine and accurate adjustments of timings when welding and spot welding.
In MMA welding one can adjust the Hot Start for easy striking of the coated electrodes and Arc Force to prevent them from sticking together.


Safety devices

The generators’ protection systems ensure maximum user safety. A temperature sensor and voltage check (variable between -10% to +10% in relation to the nominal value) protect the internal components.

The SKYLINE KMD range is produced in full compliance with European standards, guaranteeing a technologically advanced and safe product in all its components.


Type of welding process where arc lenght can be adjusted, obtaining an immediate response to varying conditions. Simultaneously meets the requirements of various welding needs:

  • High deposit rate
  • High penetration
  • Low heat input
  • Forward movement speed  
    • +30% compared to a traditional pulse

Benefits of Pulsrun compared to standard pulse

  • Very short and stable arc length
    • greater penetration
  • No need to correct the welding voltage when working with a long stick-out
  • Torch can be moved +30% faster
    • increased productivity
    • no negative effects on the mechanical strength of the welded parts
  • Up to -30% lower energy consumption (average -20%)
    • less deformation of pieces
    • less chromatic alteration of stainless steel (ER308/316)
    • lower energy consumption
  • Better power supply >> Less spatter


Heat input reduction for lower joint deformation, thereby maintaining high productivity.

Welding process required when quick response to stick-out variations is needed or in the case of very long stick-outs.

Optimized process for root passes even with sub-optimal workpiece preparation, in all positions.

Synergic MIG welding with a “soft” short-arc that allows welding on thin sheets with no spatter
The control panel is simple and intuitive. The touchscreen technology integrated into the large colour display allows you to set the welding parameters with a few simple touches; settings can also be adjusted with the the two knobs located on the side

Main voltage 3x400 V
50-60 HZ
Delayed line fuse 32A - 400 V
Max. absorbed power 22.3 kW
Power Factor 0.94
Current regulation linear
Duty Factor 500A 50%
460A 60%
400A 100%

No-load voltage 70 V
Ø MMA electrodes 1.6÷7.0
Ø TIG electrodes 1.0÷5.0
Ø FILO MIG/MAG 0.6-0.8-1.0-1.2-1.6
Protection class IP23S
Weight 46 kg
99 kg complete configuration
Dimension (WxDxH) 302x645x525 mm
554x1015x1436 mm configurazione completa
EQUIVALENT MODELS no equivalent models
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