S 460

inverter power source for MMA and TIG lift welding

DC inverter generator for MMA welding with acid, low-hydrogen, stainless steel and aluminium electrodes. It can be used in TIG welding with LIFT ARC. It can be used for maintenance, medium-to-heavy structural steel works and in the building industry.
Welding process
  • MMA
  • Inverter
  • Three-phase
Manufacturing standard
  • EN 60974

Power source for MMA welding and TIG DC welding with LIFT ARC start. The inverter technology and the special design features have contributed to the reduction in weight and size, as well as in absorbed power, without penalizing their reliability and performance. The welding process, controlled by the microprocessor thousands of times per second, ensures optimal stability, exceptional dynamics (even at low amperage) and perfect arc start. The user-friendly and intuitive control board allows to quickly set the welding parameters and displays their exact instant measurement, thus ensuring process quality and reproducibility. MMA welding operation allows adjustment of both Hot Start, to facilitate arc start when welding with coated electrodes, and Arc Force, to prevent these from sticking when welding. In TIG welding LIFT ARC start operation, the starting current (6A) is as slow as to prevent the tungsten electrode form being damaged. The power sources are equipped with appropriate safety devices to ensure their performance. A temperature sensor and the mains voltage control (fluctuations between -20% and +15% of the nominal value) protect the internal components. PR6 power source trolley is available for greater ease of use and movement, as are remote controls CD1 (hand-operated) and CD2 (foot-operated).

Main voltage 3x400 V
50-60 HZ
Delayed line fuse 32 A - 400 V
Max. absorbed power 21.5 kW
Current regulation lineare
Duty Factor 40% 460A
60% 410A
100% 350A
No-load voltage 80 V
Ø MMA electrodes 1.6 ÷ 7.0
Ø TIG electrodes 1.0 - 1.6 - 2.4 - 3.2
Protection class IP22S
Weight 35 KG
Dimension (WxDxH) 270x590x375 mm
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Main voltage

Delayed line fuse

Max. absorbed power


Duty Factor

No-load voltage

S 460

3x400 V
50-60 HZ

32 A - 400 V

21.5 kW

6÷460 A

40% 460A
60% 410A
100% 350A

80 V

S 200

1x230 V
50-60 HZ

16 A - 230 V

5.9 kW

6÷200 A

40% 200A
60% 180A
100% 140A

62 V

S 300

3x400 V
50-60 HZ

16 A - 400 V

10.5 kW

6÷300 A

50% 300A
60% 270A
100% 210A

55 V