skyline CME 4000

Inverter power sources for MIG/MAG and MMA

skyline CME 4000
skyline CME 4000
skyline CME 4000
Synergic DC and pulsed** inverter power source, with built-in wire feeder, for use in MIG/MAG welding of steel, iron-carbon alloys and aluminium. It can also be used in MMA welding with acid, mild steel and low-hydrogen electrodes. This model is mainly designed for use in maintenance and medium-to-light structural steel works. ** optional welding process on request
Welding process
  • MIG/MAG pulsed synergic
  • MMA
  • Inverter
  • Three-phase

CME is the range of multifunction synergic inverter-based generators, with integrated wire feed, for use in MIG/MAG continuous wire welding, short spray and pulsed arc* (on steel, stainless steel and aluminum) and in welding with coated electrodes (MMA).


The inverter technology and special design features allow for reduced weight and size without losing reliability and performance. The welding process, regulated by the microprocessor, ensures steady welding (with an exceptional dynamic even at low amperage), is splash-free and provides perfect arc striking.


Energy saving
Synergic control allows for automatic selection of the welding parameters, even in the harshest working conditions, guaranteeing precision and repeatability. These generators have been designed for high performance, offering significant advantages in terms of efficiency and reliability. The efficiency of the processes saves production time; controlled ventilation and cooling allows for further reduction in energy costs.


Digital control board
The easy-to-use and intuitive control panel allows for quick set-up and accurate measurement of the welding parameters via the display, ensuring quality and repetitiveness of the process. In addition, 99 welding programs can be saved ensuring speed and that adhere to the saved settings.


Welding processes
In MIG/MAG, various welding sequences are possible (2-touch, 4-touch, 3 levels and 2-touch + 3 levels) as well as various settings such as SOFTSTART, BURNBACK, WAVE CONTROL (to reduce splashes) and other settings relating directly to the welding sequence.
MMA one can adjust the Hot Start for easy striking of the coated electrodes and Arc Force to prevent them from sticking together.


Safety devices
The generators’ protection systems ensure maximum user safety. A temperature sensor and voltage check (variable between -10% to +10% in relation to the nominal value) protect the internal components.


The CME range is produced in full compliance with European standards, guaranteeing a technologically advanced and safe product in all its components

Main voltage 3x400 V
50-60 HZ
Delayed line fuse 16 A - 400 V
Max. absorbed power 16.3 kW
Power Factor 0.93
Current regulation linear
Duty Factor 400A 45%
360A 60%
320A 100%
No-load voltage 70 V
Ø MMA electrodes 1.6÷6.0
Ø FILO MIG/MAG 0.8 - 1.0 - 1.2
Protection class IP23S
Weight 43.5 kg
80.5 kg (complete configuration)
Dimension (WxDxH) 302x645x525 mm
554x1015x910* mm (complete configuration)
EQUIVALENT MODELS no equivalent models
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